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Immune System & Overall Health Support

Since 1998, 4Life Research® has brought you the best quality products available to support your immune system and overall health. 4Life is committed to ongoing innovation and scientific discovery, with products to help you lead a healthy life.* When you feel healthy, you can live your best possible life. To do this, you need a vigilant immune system. That's why people are making the smart choice with 4Life Transfer Factor products.

4Life product formulations are developed through research and a commitment to the utmost quality and efficacy. The Certified 4Life Transfer Factor® guarantee ensures the identity, purity, strength, and composition of every 4Life Transfer Factor product that you consume.

The company's in-house Research and Development team includes doctors and scientists who keep 4Life on the cutting edge of scientific advancement. Additionally, our Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB) assists in the development of new products and helps further research into 4Life Transfer Factor Science.

4Life Transfer Factor Science encompasses the research, technology, and innovation of products that educate your immune cells, supporting your immune system's ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats. 4Life Transfer Factor products are patented, certified, and highly researched.


*The product statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The products below are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula

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4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula provides 4Life's highest level of immune system support, having been shown to boost Natural Killer (NK) cell activation up to 437%. Representing the most advanced discoveries in Transferceutical Science, it combines the power of Tri-Factor Formula (UtraFactor XF®, OvoFactor®, and NanoFactor® extract) with a proprietary Cordyvant® blend to support healthy immunomodulation and provide a host of other phytonutrient benefits.

  • Educates, enhances, and balances the immune system with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula
  • Boosts natural killer cell activity by up to 437%*
  • Contains UltraFactor XF®, OvoFactor®, and NanoFactor® extract for the highest amount of 4Life Transfer Factor® per serving-300 milligrams
  • Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to Raise Your Immune I.Q.®*

4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula

4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula helps balance and support the immune system. 4Life Transfer Factor proteins and other peptides support the immune system's ability to respond quickly and effectively. And because 4Life Transfer Factor is certified, you can place your trust in the sound science and quality of this product.* 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula contains ingredients made by the immune system, for the immune system. The messenger molecules found in this product help educate immune cells and support the immune system's ability to more effectively recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats.*

  • Educates, enhances, and balances the immune system with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula
  • Boosts natural killer cell activity by up to 283%*
  • Contains UltraFactor XF®, OvoFactor®, and NanoFactor® extract for the highest amount of 4Life Transfer Factor® per serving-600 milligrams*
  • Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to Raise Your Immune I.Q. ®

4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida®

RioVida is a delicious, nutritional juice revolution. It is the one-and-only liquid dietary supplement in the world that combines the immune system benefits of Tri-Factor Formula with antioxidant-rich superfruits, including: acai, pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, and purple grape. This intense concentration of active ingredients provides education that supports the body's ability to maintain everyday health and energy.

  • Supports the immune system's natural ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats with 600 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor*
  • Boosts natural killer cell activity by up to 283%*
  • Includes a proprietary combination of antioxidant- and bioflavonoid-rich natural fruit juices, including acai, pomegranate, blueberry, and elderberry*
  • Contains vitamin C, amino acids, fatty acids, and polyphenols
  • Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to Raise Your Immune I.Q. ®

4Life PRO-TF® Protein Shake or Bars

The most advanced and effective protein available to help you transform your body, optimize performance, and promote health.* Transform your body with PRO-TF and live a youthful, vibrant life! PRO-TF includes a critically essential protein source, plus 300 milligrams of the exclusive immune system support of 4Life Transfer Factor® in every serving.* PRO-TF is your total protein infusion!* Human beings cannot live without protein; it gives your body structure, burns fat, builds and protects muscle, and provides critical support to the immune system. When you don't consume enough protein, your body steals it from your muscles. In addition, you can also lose muscle as you age, making protein vital for healthy aging support. NOTE: PRO-TF comes in vanilla & chocolate shake or chocolate protein bar form.

  • Maintain a healthy weight*
  • Build or maintain muscle mass*
  • Improve sports performance and recovery*
  • Increase strength*
  • Bolster immune system health*
  • Support healthy glucose levels and appetite*
  • Look and feel great*

4Life Transfer Factor® Renuvo®

Feel 22® with Renuvo®. 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo targets healthy aging by supporting a more youthful response to daily life stressors that may push your body out of balance.* Whether it's exercise, work, poor sleeping or eating habits, or just exposure to common environmental stressors like air travel or pollution, your body can be thrown off course and off balance.

In a fully randomized, placebo controlled safety and efficacy 30-day study conducted at the University of Missouri and Auburn University, 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo® demonstrated its ability to reduce the inflammatory response by 64% improve the body's detoxification process by 43%, and reduce cellular oxidation (free radical damage) by 42%. Renuvo also appeared to preferentially shift to the use of fats for fuel.

Renuvo® is formulated to support:

  • Total body recovery*
  • Mental acuity*
  • Sexual vitality*
  • Energy*
  • Mood*
  • Metabolism*
  • Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to Raise Your Immune I.Q.®*

Energy Go Stix® -- Berry, Pink Lemonade or Orange Citrus

Energy Go Stix will help you power through your busy day, with zip to spare! Infused with 4Life Transfer Factor® and a clever blend of energy-boosting ingredients, simply mix one packet with eight ounces of water and you're good to go® and go®and go!*

Energy Go Stix are formulated with yerba mate, guarana, green tea extract, 3-types of ginseng, aling with an amino acid blend to help you power through your day. Plus, it's the only energy drink on the market that contains revolutionary 4Life Transfer Factor® immune system support. Transfer factors are tiny messenger molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her breastfeeding infant. Independent laboratory studies show that 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula boosts immune system effectiveness by raising natural killer cell function an impressive 283%.*

Reach for a boost of energy and get the positive benefits of a healthier and more cost-effective alternative!*

Energy supplement in ready-to-mix powder packs*

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4Life Targeted Transfer Factor® products offer specific support for a variety of different body systems

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*The information contained on this excerpt is only applicable in the United States. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio

A heart-healthy combo of 4Life Transfer Factor® and over 18 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.* 4Life Transfer Factor Cardio features 4Life's exclusive Targeted Transfer Factor® technology and other ingredients specifically developed to maintain and support a healthy cardiovascular system. Along with the immune-enhancing benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor®, this combination of heart-healthy nutrients include coenzyme Q-10, ginkgo biloba, garlic, red rice yeast extract, and others to promote cholesterol levels already in the normal range.*

4Life Transfer Factor® ReCall®

Targeted brain support for optimal mental functioning.* 4Life Transfer Factor Recall provides support for one of the most vital organs-the brain. This well-rounded formula provides exclusive Targeted Transfer Factor® support, antioxidants, and a blend of herbal nutrients that help support and maintain brain function for optimal mental functioning.*

4Life Transfer Factor® KBU®

A targeted formula for both men and women to support the urinary tract-the kidneys and the bladder.* 4Life Transfer Factor KBU is formulated to support the entire urinary system for both men and women. Targeted ingredients such as cranberry, blueberry, dandelion leaf, and juniper berry give you the support you need for healthy bladder function. It also promotes the healthy filtration process of the kidneys, helps maintain healthy fluid balance, and provides valuable immune system education with 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula.*

4Life Transfer Factor® GluCoach®

4Life Transfer Factor GluCoach is formulated to promote healthy glucose levels in the body and provide support to both the metabolic and endocrine systems. Enriched with Targeted Transfer Factor and a proprietary blend of healthful ingredients, it supports your body's ability to metabolize glucose, which helps maintain healthy sugar levels.*

4Life Transfer Factor® MalePro®

4Life Transfer Factor® MalePro® is a Targeted Transfer Factor® product specifically formulated to support men's prostate health. It includes ingredients scientifically studied to support the prostate and promote endocrine system health, including saw palmetto, lycopene, isoflavones, and others. 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro helps promote immunity at the cellular level, healthy urinary function, and overall prostate health.*

4Life Transfer Factor® Belle Vie®

4Life Transfer Factor Belle Vie is a Targeted Transfer Factor product fortified with specialized proprietary blends to help support healthy hormone balance and immune system function. This potent blend of phytoestrogen, detoxification, and antioxidant ingredients helps promote endocrine system health and healthy cellular function.* Promotes overall feminine reproductive health.*

4Life Transfer Factor Vista®

4Life Transfer Factor Vista® provides targeted support to benefit visual performance and eye health. It contains the #1 doctor recommended lutein brand**, as well as ingredients that support healthy visual acuity and the health and function of the macula of the eye. It also features Targeted Transfer Factor®, specifically 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, to support the immune system.*

4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime®

4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime supplies an added source of support for healthy immune cell function, especially during times of increased stress. Glutamine is an amino acid that serves as a major source of fuel for immune cells. Glutamine is continually needed and used by the immune system, but reserves can become depleted by additional everyday stress, such as exercising and training for athletic events, keeping up with busy day-to-day life, or struggling with various health concerns. Glutamine Prime helps optimize immune cell function. In addition, it includes the building blocks of the important antioxidant glutathione, which helps protect cells from oxidation caused by free radicals. Glutamine Prime is an excellent companion product to the complete line of 4Life Transfer Factor® products.*