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One of the innate immune systems ways to prevent entry of organisms is mechanical barriers at body surfaces, skin, mucous membranes - disruption of this leads to infection.

TF Immune Spray™ is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucosal membranes.

This is one of the main areas bacteria try to invade the body through!

The immune system is a complex of organs--highly specialized cells and even a circulatory system separate from blood vessels--all of which work together to defend the body against attacks by "foreign" invaders.

The immune response is the way the body defends itself against microorganisms, cancer cells, and other potentially harmful substances.

How does the immune system recognize "foreign invaders"?

Antigens are large molecules (usually proteins) on the surface of:
  • cells
  • viruses
  • fungi
  • bacteria
  • toxins
  • chemicals
  • drugs
  • foreign particles (such as a splinter)

The immune system recognizes and destroys substances that contain antigens.

TF Immune Spray™ features our very own Transfer Factor XF™ delivered in a fine mist to an area that is under constant attack of microbial threats!

Transfer Factor XF™ can naturally support the body's immune system, allowing immune information to be transferred more efficiently among the cells in the body, and ultimately enhancing the body's ability to withstand attacks on its health.

Also contains a special form of colloidal silver that has been found to leave no residue in the body.

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To view abstracts from the Xth International Symposium on Transfer Factor, click here.

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