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Thank you for considering joining this marketing family. It is truly a blessing to be heading up one of the four primary legs of world-renowned networker, Mike Akins. Mike has been mentoring me since 2010. I have learned so much from his 50+ years of successful experience in networking.


Since I was a child, my dream has been to build orphanages, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and rehabilitation homes. Teaming up with Mike Akins, Professional Networkers, and 4Life Research is the vehicle that is taking me to the realization of my lifelong dream.


I have been able to sit down with the founders of 4Life Research, their children, and many of the staff at 4Life Research. This is a truly special group of people who really care about others. Having sharp and compassionate leaders is vital to the long-term success of networkers and the secure incomes we work so hard to build. Building a residual income is a goal all networkers share. Having leaders that don’t look at their members as dollar signs, but people with needs, hopes, and dreams is a huge part of this long-term stability. When I see leaders fail the networkers by changing the compensation plan in a negative way, selling out to another program, or having a poor marketing strategy that hinders long-term stability, it breaks my heart. 4Life Research has leaders who care about you and your future.

Mike Akins invested over a half-million dollars into what became the most thorough study on the MLM industry. He had seen various things like I mentioned above hinder true success in MLM. There are so many aspects that determine a company’s long-term success and those various components are what this study discovered. Research & Marketing Consultants evaluated over one thousand different MLM companies around the world. The findings resulted in naming 4Life Research the number-one home based business opportunity in the world. They projected it to stay this way for many years to come. Please check out the summary of Research & Marketing Consultants’ findings in Cold Facts Exposed, written by Mike Akins.


So many facts reveal that 4Life Research is the best of the best. I have not been presented with anything that comes close to the potential this company holds for my future. I am passionate about making sure as many people as possible learn about the 4Life opportunity and these life-changing products.


I am excited about the great leaders who have already partnered with me in this journey. They are and will continue to do great things. I have no doubt this will be Mike’s largest organization yet. We have the passion, the tools and systems, and the support of world-renowned Mike Akins and his support team of Professional Networkers. The only thing missing is you! This team would love to work with you to achieve success that will last a lifetime. No more rebuilding! No more searching for a better opportunity. No more compensation plan cuts! Join a team that cares about you and your future. Our team has what it takes to get you there and keep you there!


I look forward to possibly teaming up with you.


Kindest Regards,

Lauren Nichole Roberts

Lauren Nichole Roberts

Mike & Marsha Akins

Marsha and I share a passion to empower as many people as possible in health, finances, and overall vitality. 4Life is a major avenue through which we have accomplished this during the past 20 years. I did not plan to develop another primary leg. I have three very strong primary legs with more than 500,000 distributors and 80+ percent of 4Life’s top leaders.


Lauren Roberts joined my Professional Networkers staff in 2010. I have staff members who have been with me for more than 30 years. Lauren moved up through the various staff levels quickly. Our distributors and leader just loved her. She traveled with my wife and me internationally. She captured our hearts with her humanitarian heart. We could see very quickly that not only was she talented with great potential, but she loved to help others. We observed how she poured her heart out to make a difference in the lives of individuals while receiving nothing in return. We decided that we wanted to empower this young lady so that she could achieve all her dreams of helping orphans, the destitute, and the elderly. This is when I decided to enroll her and to develop a fourth primary leg.


I have not been disappointed with this decision. Lauren works her heart out for her distributors, even those below her pay level. I believe the potential of this team is unlimited!

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