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4Life Research® offers a remarkable business opportunity with top-level nutritional products and one of the industry's most robust compensation plans. As a 4Life® distributor, you can build your business in a way that will meet your personal and financial goals. Whether you want a part-time business for extra income or a long-term career to secure your future, 4Life has a path for you.

4Life has some of the most extraordinary nutritional products in the world. Many of 4Life's Transfer Factor products are listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) and have been clinically studied by institutions such as Auburn University, the University of Missouri, and others. 4Life's products have never been duplicated since the company began in 1998; therefore, you cannot buy products like these from other network marketing companies or conventional retail stores. This means you can offer an effective and exclusive product, which will help improve retention and prevent attrition.

4Life offers one of the most lucrative pay plans in the world with an astonishing 23 ways to get paid. As proof that the Life Rewards Plan™ is one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry, 4Life's management stated at their 2015 international convention that out of their first $2 billion in total revenue, 4Life paid $1.2 billion (60%) back to its members. That's approximately 60¢ payout for every $1 they made for simply sharing the products and opportunity with others. Where else in the industry have you ever seen a company reward its members so generously?

4Life is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received AAA+ ranking (their highest) from 4Life currently generates $321 million per year in sales. However, based on their experience, Mike Akins and Research & Marketing Consultants estimate that 4Life has the potential to become a $10 billion per year sales company over the next 10 years. To put that in perspective, this projection would put 4Life at approximately the same size as the largest network marketing company in the world is today, Amway, but without the adverse reputation. If 4Life meets this projection, that would mean approximately 97% growth and several billion dollars left to go. In our opinion, this makes 4Life Research the best "ground floor" opportunity in the world relative to potential, in the history of the industry. How much of this potential GROWTH would you like in your business?

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  • Debt-free $321 million company
  • On the Direct Selling News' (DSN) Global 100 top companies
  • A+ member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • AAA+ ranking (their highest) from
  • Member of the United Natural Product Alliance (UNPA)
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Member of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF)
  • Member of American Botanical Council
  • Has its own world-renowned research team and world-class laboratories
  • 4Life products are listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR).
  • 4Life manufactures its own products in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Some of 4Life's products have been clinically & university studied to ensure quality, potency, and efficacy.
  • 4Life has some of the world's most exceptional health and wellness products

Placeholder image"We guarantee the identity, purity, strength, and composition of our dietary supplements. Plus, we perform no fewer than 20 analytical tests on each product before it's ready for you."

Trent Tenney
4Life Senior Vice President
of Worldwide Sales



The 4Life Life Rewards Plan is designed to reward every category of network marketer, from the beginner to the veteran networker. However, despite its exceptional balance, the 4Life compensation plan is especially rewarding to the grassroots networker that is just starting out or new to network marketing altogether.


  • Rewards every category of networker
  • One of the highest payouts in the industry (Up to 64% of commissionable volume)
  • Few customers or sign-ups needed to cover monthly personal product purchases
  • Incentivizes up-line leaders to support you and help you build
  • Move into profit quickly
  • Especially rewarding for beginners or first-time networkers
  • Next Day payouts
  • Vacations*
  • Cash Prizes
  • Transitional bonuses
  • World-wide bonus pools
  • Earn FREE products
  • *Less than 1% of 4Life distributors qualify for incentive trips.


    1. 2% First Level Pay
    2. 25% Second Level Pay
    3. 5% Third Level Pay
    4. 6% Diamond (D) Infinity Bonus (4th group)
    5. 12% Presidential (PD), International (ID), Gold (GID), & Platinum (PID) Infinity Bonus (4th group)
    6. 3% PD, ID, GID, PID Group Bonus (5th group)
    7. 3% PD, ID, GID, PID Group Bonus (6th group)
    8. 2% ID, GID, PID Group Bonus (7th group)
    9. 2% ID, GID, PID Group Bonus (8th group)
    10. 2% GID, PID Group Bonus (9th group)
    11. 2% GID, PID Group Bonus (10th group)
    12. 2% Worldwide Volume ID & GID Premier Bonus Pool
    13. 1% Worldwide Volume − PID Bonus
    14. Builder Bonus $50
    15. Builder Bonus $200
    16. Builder Bonus $800
    17. 25% Fast Start Bonus
    18. 25% Self pay over 100LP
    19. 2% Associate Level Pay
    20. 25% Associate Level Pay
    21. Great Escape Trip
    22. $5,000 USD President's Club − ID Bonus
    23. $15,000 USD President's Club − GID Bonus
    24. $50,000 USD President's Club − PID Bonus
    25. Platinum Pinnacle/Gold Getaway
    26. Loyalty Program − 15% of monthly LP product credits for use towards free products
    27. Loyalty Program − Free Bonus Product of the Month for 125LP and above Monthly Loyalty Program Orders

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    *Neither 4Life Research or Professional Networkers make any guarantees of income by their members. Any guarantees of incomes would be misleading. Success with any network opportunity is dependent on a variety of factors. To see a potential range of incomes (highs, lows, averages) that are possible with the 4Life opportunity, please view the 4Life income disclosure statement by clicking here.



    How many network marketing companies have you heard of that pay their members for being humanitarians? 4Life Research does!

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    Nutrition is one of the most important pillars of 4Life's three-fold service mission-nutrition, shelter, & education-to improve the lives of children and families around the world. In many parts of the world, parents and caregivers struggle to provide children with just one decent meal per day, let alone healthy food that will give kids the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthy and strong. This lack of quality nutrition has a lifelong impact on physical, emotional, social, and economic development.

    4Life Research offers a unique for-profit humanitarian aid program to help feed children around the world with its 4Life Fortify® program. Each 4Life Fortify meal pack is filled with high-quality ingredients, including rice, lentils, beans, a nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals, including the vital immune supporting supplement, 4Life Transfer Factor®.

    4Life provides financial incentive to its members to buy, donate, and promote 4Life Fortify humanitarian meal packs. Commissions for members are included in the price of each meal pack that can be purchased and this program allows distributors to invest their time and resources to encourage others to become humanitarians too. When is the last time you heard of a network marketing company that pays its members to become humanitarians and donate nutritious meals and immune support products to children around the world?

    NOTE: 4Life Fortify is a product created and supported exclusively by 4Life Research, a for-profit company, that facilitates donations of purchased 4Life Fortify meal packs to non-profit partners such as Feed The Children. Charity partners distribute 4Life Fortify to children and families in need without charge or fees. With 4Life Fortify, you can be confident that you are doing good for children who are in desperate need of good nutrition.